About Rosie

Hi Everyone! I’m Rosie and I’m the sassy lady behind this blog, and the I Heart Recipes YouTube channel . I’d like to personally thank you for visiting my blog!



About Rosie

I’m busy wife and mother that enjoys cooking, baking, and entertaining. I was born and raised in Seattle Washington( and I still reside here ;-D ) I was raised  by my mother, and her family. I grew up as the oldest child with many responsibilities, and cooking was one of them. I started cooking at the age of five, and by the time I was 12 I was making full course meals.


Why did I start blogging and etc?

I actually started my YouTube channel out of boredom. On my 26 birthday I was bored, and had nothing to do, so I made a YouTube account. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it, but eventually I started uploaded recipes, and cooking tips. To my surprise, people actually tuned in! I creates this blog so all of my viewers would have a resource other than my YouTube channel to print out recipes, look at pictures, and to etc.


What does this Seattle lady know about southern cooking?!

I grew up eating southern and soul food. My mom’s parents were from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All of their recipes were passed down to their kids, and so on. I eventually picked up a few recipes, and put my own twist on them.


 Random Facts About Rosie

  • I love being a wife and mother. I don’t think my life truly begun until my husband and son entered it.
  • I love the fall! I look forward to seeing the leaves change colors, and fall from the trees.
  • Being a Seattle native, I love rain.
  • I’m a HUGE holiday freak. I absolutely love  everything about Christmas. I love everything from family time, to decorating, shopping, cooking, and all of the Hallmark and Lifetime holiday movies. Also I watch the Christmas Story at least 2 times every Christmas- IT’S MY TRADITION ( haha)
  • I love Chinese food. Other than southern and soul food, Chinese food is my favorite. If I had to pick one, I wouldn’t because I can’t!
  • I’m short. I just barely made 5ft.
  • I’m chocoholic. I try not to keep chocolate in the house.
  • My favorite candy is the White Chocolate Apple Pie Truffles from Sees Candy store.
  • Rosie is short for Rosemary.
  • I love 90’s R&B, especially Toni Tone Tony, R. Kelly, and Guy.
  • I love watching the Golden Girls, and King of Queen reruns.
  • When I was younger I thought I was going to marry Fred Savage, and divorce him to marry Prince.
  • I wanted to be an actress, and even had a acting coach.
  • As a child I was a dancer, and did it for almost 10 years. I did ballet, modern, jazz, and African dance.
  • My favorite colors are pinks, reds, and blues.
  • I was scared of dogs until I was 17, and had my own. I now am a huge dog lover.
  • I love Las Vegas, and I visit at least once a year.
  • I adore dolphins and monkeys.