About Rosie

Hi Everyone! I’m Rosie and I’m the sassy lady behind this blog, and the I Heart Recipes YouTube channel . I’d like to personally thank you for visiting my blog!


About Rosie

I’m busy wife and mother that enjoys cooking, baking, and entertaining. I was born and raised in Seattle Washington( and I still reside here ;-D ) I was raised  by my mother, and her family. I grew up as the oldest child with many responsibilities, and cooking was one of them. I started cooking at the age of five, and by the time I was 12 I was making full course meals.


Why did I start blogging and etc?

I was fortunate enough to have my mother teach me how to cook. Not only did she teach me how to cook, but she taught me how to cook the old fashioned way, from scratch.  A lot of ladies weren’t as fortunate as I was. I wanted to create a blog that people could refer to whenever they wanted to whip up some good old fashioned and modern southern and soul food. When Creating my blog, I wanted to make cooking and baking as easy as possible. Instead of being an average blog, with just pictures, and recipes, I decided to share recipe videos as well.


What does this Seattle lady know about southern cooking?!

A lot actually. My cooking style is very southern because, it’s what I grew up on! My Grandparents were from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and I simply inherited their southern roots. My grandmas recipes were passed down to my mother and aunts, and eventually made their way down to me.


 Random Facts About Rosie

  • I love being a wife and mother. I don’t think my life truly begun until my husband and son entered it.
  • I love the fall! I look forward to seeing the leaves change colors, and fall from the trees.
  • Being a Seattle native, I love rain.
  • I’m a HUGE holiday freak. I absolutely love  everything about Christmas. I love everything from family time, to decorating, shopping, cooking, and all of the Hallmark and Lifetime holiday movies. Also I watch the Christmas Story at least 2 times every Christmas- IT’S MY TRADITION ( haha)
  • I love Asian food. Other than southern and soul food it’s Asian food is my favorite. If I had to pick one, I wouldn’t because I can’t!
  • I’m short. I just barely made 5ft.
  • I’m chocoholic. I try not to keep chocolate in the house.
  • My favorite candy is the White Chocolate Apple Pie Truffles from Sees Candy store.
  • Rosie is short for Rosemary.
  • I love 90′s R&B, especially toni tone tony, r. kelly, and guy
  • I love watching the Golden Girls reruns, and King of Queen reruns
  • When I was younger I thought I was going to marry Fred Savage, and divorce him then marry Prince.
  • I wanted to be an actress, and even had a acting coach.
  • As a child I was a dancer, and did it for almost 10 years. I did ballet, modern, jazz, and African dance.
  • My favorite colors are pinks, reds, and blues.
  • I was scared of dogs until I was 17, and had my own. I now am a huge dog lover.
  • I love Las Vegas, and I visit at least once a year.
  • I adore dolphins and monkeys.