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Hey there I’m Rosie! Welcome to my blog, I Heart Recipes! I’m a wife and mother residing in Seattle washington and I LOVE to cook, bake, and share my recipes!

I was born and raised in Seattle Washington, and I grew up in a single mother household along with my younger brother. While growing up, we struggled just like anyone else in the “hood”. We weren’t strangers to food stamps, nor were we too proud to stand in the food bank lines. Whatever we had, is what we had. There was no ands, ifs, or buts, about it! One thing for sure, no matter what we had on hand , my mother would turn it into something grand! Like seriously, we practically lived off of beans and rice, chicken, and greens up until I was about 13. Being “poor” taught me how to improvise, and make something out of nothing dishes. Now as far as actually cooking, that is something I’ve been doing since forever. My mother taught me how to work the kitchen at very young age. Before I was 12, I could easily make a full course meal, without any assistance.

At age 13 or so, my mother graduated from nursing school which meant we were had little more money in the house. However, it also meant that I had more responsibilities, because my mother would now have to work during the evenings. While the other 13 years old girls, were on the phone talking about boys-  I was taking care of myself, and younger brother. It was my responsibility to not only make sure that our homework was done, but I also had to cook dinner. Cooking had always seemed like an outlet for me, instead of a chore. Whenever I cooked dinner, I would experiment with different seasonings and spices, and try new things.

When my mom bought our first computer, I remember being excited simply because I’d be able to search for recipes. When searching for recipes online, I quickly realized that there were hardly any soul food and southern recipe blog and websites. The websites that I did come across had either been abandoned , or they simply weren’t authentic.

Many years later, the online soul food scene, was still nowhere to be found. I thought this extremely odd considering that I always had my friends, and family calling me to walk them through recipes. I thought some one would have surely started a soul food blog by now. However, they didn’t.. So I thought  “why not start my own?”. I honestly didn’t have any true expectations when I started my blog ( and YouTube channel). I simply started posting recipes, and people started tuning in!

Now I am a full time Blogger, and YouTuber. I share not only soul food and southern dishes, but also fabulous desserts, and other comfort food favorites. Please feel free to browse my recipes, and leave me comment or two! XOXO


  1. mary says

    lady you should be the next Paula Deen your food looks wonderful cannot wait to get home buy some can biscuits already have cinnamon thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Paula Kurth says

    Rosie – I just found your website and signed up for your emails. I love to cook and look forward to receiving your emails. Could you please tell me where to find your Southern Chicken and Gravy recipe. Thank you

  3. cassie says

    Rosie now that the Neely’s don’t have a show,Food Network should feature u.I’m searching your site everyday and making my own cookbook from your recipes.Glad I found u,your peach cobbler looks like the one my Dad always made for me until he died,can’t wait to try it.Thanks so much,keep those recipes coming

    • says

      Aweee. Thank you! I wish that the food network would reach out! That would be amazing! I hope the cobbler comes close to your dad’s sweetie!

  4. Jessie Sanders says

    was perusing the pics and comments and recipes on FB this afternoon and came across your recipe for Southern Smothered Chicken and signed into your site. am looking forward to chasing recipes through your blog. what a find. so far you’re awesome. good luck with the food network, hope they ump on the bandwagon and put you in front of the camera. xxxoooxxx wickedj

  5. Donna says

    Rosie, I’m from North Carolina, and I love good soul food, cooking,eating and feeding everybody in my Family, my sons and several adopted sons…Collards is one of my specialties I am now living alone for the first time so its hard for me to just cook for myself, I made smothered chicken breasts,Broccoli,Mashed potatoes and a strawberry cobbler for Dessert, will be eating leftovers tomorrow and the day after lol, I can’t wait to try your Collards recipe and several more…I’m following you on Pinterest now, Have you ever tried putting your collards in fat back grease after you boil them? I also add a little sugar to mine while their boiling I know thats not the healthy way lol but thoughts how I’ve always made them Bless you Thank you for this Beautiful Soul food Blog :)

    • says

      Hi Donna! I some times use fat back in my greens, but I’m not a fan of adding sugar to my greens. I think it maybe because I didn’t grow up eating them like that, but I know lots of people that make their greens with a little sugar :-)

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