Curry Lamb Recipe

Tender lamb with potatoes, peppers, and onions seasoned with curry and garlic. I’ve had several request for curried goat these past couple weeks. Unfortunately, I do not eat goat. However, I do eat lamb meat, and this recipe can be used for both lamb, and goat! This recipe is actually simple. The hardest part is… 

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Moist and Fluffy Coconut Cake

 Moist , Fluffy cake with whipped frosting. Does it get any better than that?! I love coconut anything., so it’s no surprise that coconut cake is one of my favorite desserts. The cake is actually on of the most simple cakes to make. You basically make a white cake, then a whipped cream cheese frosting,… 

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Easy Homemade Jerk Marinade

Since I shared my Jamaican Beef Patties recipe, people have been pouring in the request. I’m sure you know what the most popular request was right? Jerk Chicken. Everyone seems to be stuck on jerk. In this post I really wanted to focus on how to make your own authentic jerk marinade. Once you get… 

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The Ultimate Carrot Cake Recipe

Easter is right around the corner, and It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share a recipe for my Ultimate Carrot Cake! I’m one of those people who love a nice slice of carrot cake with lots of cream cheese frosting. I’m also one of those carrot cake lovers that love my cake full loaded…. 

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Blueberry Cheesecake Muffins

Moist and fluffy blueberry muffins filled with cheesecake pieces, and topped with yummy raw washed sugar. How good does that sound? I don’t know why, but whenever spring hits I always have the urge to bake blueberry muffins. It could be because blueberries are always on sale this time of the year, or it could… 

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