Fried Catfish

Here is my recipe for my fried catfish. I use minimal ingredients, because I don’t like my fish to be over powered by seasonings. I use a combination of all purpose flour and cornmeal. You can use white or yellow cornmeal, the fish will taste great regardless. I suggest serving this fish with greens, and potato salad.


  1. Retta says

    ROSIE STRIKES AGAIN!!!! I loves me some fried fish, and the nuggets is the best cut for me perferably because, I don’t have to worry about “bones” too much. I didn’t know they had nuggets at the grocery store, and you are right, the catfish fillets are MORE expensive. I am on the hunt for the “nuggets” hard to find. I guess I will have to go to an actual fish market to get these, they may be a little pricey as well.Thanks again for another mouth watering food video Rosie, my SISTA, KEEP THEM COMING!! You make us look so good in the kitchen!!!!!

  2. Rue Stahl says

    Your Recipe reminds me of my mother’s recipe. She used Minimal things in her recipes. She believed in the fewer ingredients you used the better.

    I have a question about Paprika. I see it in alot of recipes problem is which kind. Should you use Sweet Paprika or Smoked Paprika?

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